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Care Packages to Protect Your Site from Online Threats

Care Package

The site care package options we offer will vary depending on the type of hosting you choose & the size/type of website you have.  If you already have a hosting provider we will work with you on many platforms, but we can truly stand behind only a few select providers and will offer our care with a few more providers beyond those.  That said, we can ensure the site security on our own servers.  We do this because your website’s success or failure is part of Jade Stone Dragon’s reputation.  Even by doing everything within our power to prevent any downtime or hacks, the issue may not have been preventable from our end and we understand that you will look to us for resolution. Not only will you look to us as your website developer, but as your expert, technical liaison.  Furthermore, the better your experience is with Jade Stone Dragon, the more likely you are to recommend our services to your network of family, friends, and fellow business owners.

  • Updates for Themes & Plugins
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Weekly/Daily Backups (up to 6 months stored)
  • Offsite backup available
  • Email Support
  • Email WordPress support
  • Monthly Website Review
  • Monthly reports
  • iThemes Security Pro included
  • Backup Buddy included
  • Multilocational Backup storage included


* Bi-Yearly & Yearly Discounts available
** Some updates require a small waiting period, security patches will be installed as soon as we are aware of them.
*** We strive to contact everyone as soon as possible, that said we review each request as soon as it comes in to see if there is a security problem.



In order to ensure that your website is running at its optimal performance, updates to various parts of the website are needed at differing intervals and for varying reasons.

There are 3 main things that need periodic updates.

  1. The WordPress core software – the main software installed that everything else builds upon.
  2. Theme(s) – These are modules of code that are used to help with site design and ease of use.
  3. Plug-ins – Are smaller modules of code that further enhance your site’s functionality like selling or security.

Some updates are needed right away, others are best to wait and see if there are any bugs in the update. Since we do this all of the time, we hear about issues that arise quickly and know how to handle most situations.


Sometimes an update will crash your site. This typically happens because of a conflict in the code between plug-ins and/or themes. If you have ever had this happen, it can make something that was supposed to be quick, take hours (or more) and be very nerve-racking. This is 1 reason why we insist on backups of your website.


No matter the size or type of website, we ALWAYS recommend doing backups of your website.  Having multiple types and locations of backup storage is also quite beneficial. It is better to have & not need than to need & not have. We have helped several websites get back and running with and without backups, from everything from hardware failure to a hacked website. With that, it leads to the need for security.


With every website, whether it’s WordPress, Joomla or HTML/CSS/JavaScript you have to have some sort of security to prevent malicious people or bots from hacking your site and proclaiming that ice cream & doughnuts are essential to life on Venus. For this reason (and because we have & do fix hacked sites) we have partnered with one of the best WordPress security plugins. This is just one of the steps we take to protect your digital investment and real estate.

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