About Us

   Jade Stone Dragon

As a family team, we started Jade Stone Dragon after we discovered that we love WordPress while tinkering around with it for a buddy’s church.  Many sites are built in a way, that someone with a side hustle or a hobby can manage it on their own.  However, if you’ve got a business, or consistent traffic, you’ll want to keep it up-to-date and secure.

While working “corporate jobs” and building our business, we found there were surprisingly a lot of marketing agencies that would either not build a site as part of the marketing strategy, or if they did would not support the site after launch.  There were some that would support the sites, but at astronomical prices which doesn’t work for some small businesses trying to grow.  We also found that these same agencies would even cut corners with website development.  They would either choose less than stellar hosting, or would create sites that do not follow best practices or aren’t even mobile friendly.  Could you imagine spending thousands of dollars on a new website and then not backing it up.  We’ve seen it.

The best part is that great feeling when you are able to help someone that has put so much hard work and dedication into their own chosen craft and see them get to the “next level”.

  We love our clients