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Premium Hosting & Support

Hosting Features

Our hosting is fast & secure.

What can our Hosting offer?

  • Staging Site
  • Subdomain(s)
  • Custom MySQL Database(s)
  • Carbon Neutral 100% Renewable Energy Match
  • SSD Storage for Fast, Reliable websites
  • CloudFlare CDN available
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • Built-In Caching for performance boost
  • Redundant Hardware for Reliable service
  • LXC-Based Stability Platform – Scales when you need it.
  • Constant Server Monitoring – 2x per second
  • Built-In Anti-Hack Systems
  • Spam Protection
  • On-Server & Off-site Back-ups as often as 2x per day
  • SSL Certificates Required – No additional Cost
  • …and we seem to be adding features all of the time.


* Bi-Yearly & Yearly Discounts available
** Some updates require a small waiting period, security patches will be installed as soon as we are aware of them.
*** We strive to contact everyone as soon as possible, that said we review each request as soon as it comes in to see if there is a security problem.


Service Support

Good service used to be a luxury, now, it is a necessity. In order for you and your business to be the hero for your customers, you need people in your corner that have your back, 100%.

Whether you are running an eCommerce business that’s pushing 7 figures in revenue in Q2 or you have a site to showcase your prize-winning game hens, you need to know that every dollar you put into your business is working just as hard you are, or harder.

We pride ourselves on getting back to you within 24 business hours, whether it’s fixing a typo in the blog you just posted, to discussing a strategy to boost your site’s conversions for the coming holiday season.

Yes, if you have an emergency with your site, we’ll be there too. The typo may constitute an emergency, but it is usually something like a hacked site. In those cases, you will get a more timely response. If you are taking us up on a membership with a Care Plan and you get hacked, cleanup may be free of charge.

If your customers are happy, then you are happy and so, then, are we.

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